Who is the first person you hire?

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What job should be filled first in a new company? The answer is important because most people start a business with motivation and dreams, or because of desperation and a need to escape their current situation. Consistency and proper daily habits are what make a business successful, and the person you hire first is the person who will do the job you hate the most. By removing what you hate about your business, will keep you motivated and working instead of procrastinating and putting off valuable tasks that will ensure success.

Avoid burnout, and keep your company as a source of excitement. By having someone else do the job you dislike, staying consistent and accomplishing the daily tasks of your business is a more pleasant experience. Work is commonly associated with negative emotions, but working can be fun, and maintaining an environment where you enjoy working will help with the consistency required to achieve success.

Owning a business will involve many emotional rollercoasters. When times are good, the tendency to think things will never change is common. As times get tough, questioning the decision to go into business is natural, but once freedom has been tasted, it is hard to go back to someone else’s business for employment. But when the tough times happen, this is a great time to evaluate how the business fell into this state. Here is where great creativity and mental fortitude is required to improve what can be a desperate situation. This is also the time to think of creative ways to generate more revenue and optimize how your business is run.

By developing an enjoyable environment, and turning the process of making money into a game, it is easier to win and continuously prosper. A-type personalities do not like to lose and creative thinking and strategy is required to win most games. Business is no different than a game of chess or monopoly. Creative thinking, strategy, aggressive moves, strong defenses, understanding the environment, and the emotional willingness to win are required for success.

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