When in business it’s not best to fix your weaknesses

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If you can  admit you have weaknesses, or be honest about not always being motivated to do certain things, you are one step ahead of the game.  Bill gates did not become a billionaire by doing all the jobs at Microsoft.  He partnered, hired, negotiated, and found other ways to achieve his goals.  We can not do everything, and if we could, we definitely should not!  Can that lack of skill or motivation be compensated for, or will you personally have to be the one to do it!  Here are a couple work-arounds for a few jobs and skills if current plans do not including partnering with someone better in these areas.

No experience or bad at sales:

Find salespeople and give them a commission per sale or an hourly wage.  Finding sales people is easy.  Spit out the door, and you will hit two people who are looking to make money.  If you live upstairs, you may hit four or five.  If no one is outside, call all of your friends and ask them if they know anyone who wants to make a little money.  Believe me, someone will come knocking within 24 hours.  If not, get new friends and post a card on a college board.

Numbers and/or Accounting scary me:

If you have a point of sale system, it should be able to provide monthly totals.  If you have prepared totals, there are accounting services out there for less than a thousand dollars a year that will handle most of your needs.  You can also find interns at the local school that will work for bottom dollar to get experience.


Marketing is more of a mystery than why Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s vault on live tv without first looking inside:

College interns and friends to the rescue.  If you do not have an idea where to start, ask everyone you know what they think.  Most of it will not be useful, but it will give you an idea of where to start looking.  Just remember not to tell them their info was crap, thank them, even for bad information and let them know you will look into their great idea.  Every now and then someone will give you a gem, and lack of gratitude letting them know the quality of 80% of their recommendations will not inspire open honesty or free flowing ideas. In all honesty most of our ideas are not as good as would like to believe.  But Good ideas sometimes have horrible idea parents.

There are plenty of tutorials online, as well as wonderful books.  The Guerrilla(not a mispelling) marketing series is incredible!  You can buy a lot of the books for under $3 on amazon.

Barely know what a website thing-y is, much less how to get one, or put anything on ebay:

Youtube, Google search, and whisky to the rescue.  You can find anything online, web developers, graphic design artists, how to videos, and other things we should not discuss in proper company.  And if you are afraid of looking at another craigslist ad after accidently clicking what you thought was a job posting, “creative, outcall, satisfaction guranteed, work 24/7“, Ask a friend if they know anyone.

Everyone has a friend, nephew, daughter, or someone they know going to school for this kind of work. Most of them will even give you a better price.  They have no clue what their worth, trust me, I use to be one of them.


Creative solutions can always be found.  We have the ability to learn anything if we are willing to pay the price of learning. But should we is the question?  When running a business, we have to be honest about what we enjoy working in our business.  If we do not know how to do something, or just do not want to, we need to use our Entrepreneurial talents and find a cool way to get it done, hopefully without getting arrested….

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