The first success milestone contains at least two traps

What traps could there possibly be when success starts?  Have you purchased a comment or support notebook yet? A fun nightly activity is to write down every time someone shows you support or tries to discourage you from opening a business? Some people actually believe they are helping you when they try to discourage you. If it was easy to open a business, they would have done it, right? There are many reasons why people discourage others. At least eight of the reasons could be turned into full books, but the fun starts when you reach your first visible sign of success.

When you quit your job, especially when you have a physical office, you should write in a notebook or a word document every person who has a 180 degree change in their attitude. When people start to truly believe in your ability.  An office or store  changes people’s opinion. Now you are not daydreaming, you own a legitimate business.

Trap One: People will now ask for a job. If not for them, someone they know. After all, if you have an office, you must be able to afford someone’s paycheck.

Trap Two: People now believe you are in a position to loan money and not a hundred or two hundred dollars, but thousands. Once you own a legitimate business, you must certainly be able to afford to give away three to ten thousand for someone else to pay a late mortgage payment, take a vacation, or start their dreams. It is unimaginable that you are not be in a position to give thousands of dollars at will.

When the first (and smallest) milestone of success is received, your dream, daydream, fantasy, or long term goal is now a reality in others mind. Even though you knew you could accomplish this, others now see success and your status has elevated. If you loan money, give jobs, assist in other ways, that is your choice, and remember those choices do have consequences.  Good or bad consequences depend on your situation!

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