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Can you imagine a time before the internet?  Before the time of ordering pizzas online we were in the dark ages.  Thankfully we have come into the light and can now view our bank balances as well as our ex’s profile on our favorite social media site.  It is definitely gratifying knowing they put on a lot of weight and started dating a loser after they decided they were too good for us.

Now that we’re finished reminiscing on dark times, let’s discuss why we’re here.  This section of the site is to provide valuable information about the times since we stepped out of the dark ages.  Information Technology is wonderful and it is our goal to share interesting information as well as valuable tools to help in everyday life.  From tech articles referencing the new kings of the information age, I’m referring to us nerds, to newbie guides through the sometimes confusing and every changing world of Technology.  If you don’t see an article that would fulfill a need, please email us at or comment on what you would like to see.  We are currently working on numerous articles and tutorials, so if you do not see what you want today, check back routinely or leave a comment requesting what you would like.  We are constantly adding content, and would love feedback on what you would like.

Special Requests:

We love special requests.  To request a review on programming languages, frameworks, or a specific piece of software or platform, please leave a comment.  We currently have a lot of articles in the process, but if you like anything specific, we would be happy to do our best to accommodate.  Please be specific if there is something about a language, framework, or platform you would like.  We are also working on a few tutorials, so let us know what would like to see from this site.

Business Needs:

Business Web Needs is currently working on a few business utilities we feel will help make life a little easier.  Leave a comment if you would like a small utility, tool, or software appliance that will help you with your business needs.  We can easily provide anything similar/including the examples below.

  • A price calculator to figure out your actual profit or loss on ebay like the article explained
  • Company research aggregator
  • Stock or financial information about a company
  • Easy way to convert formats ( ex. xml to json, excel files to csv )
  • Email reminder
  • Notes area for subscribers

We are currently developing a few tools, but a request for what you would like would definitely shift our efforts to provide what you need.

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