Starting a Business

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When you start a business, the first step is honesty.  Why are you starting a business?

  • Are you starting it because you need more money
  • You want more money
  • Your life is stuck in a rut
  • Going into your job gives you thoughts of suicide
  • Do you think it will just be fun or do you need to for some unknown reason

Once you identify your motivation, your course will be easier to design.

There are many steps to creating a business, but the first step is identifying the core business.  After defining your core, decide everything you want your business to do and provide.  Write a wish list.  Think of your business when it achieves its prime.  List every single service, every feature, and benefit.  Once you do this, decide what is realistic with the resources you currently have available.  Then create a priority list.

One of the biggest mistakes of a new owner is trying to do everything at once.  Think of it like a long project.  You want to have small releases.  If you have a business that will provide every service for a car, start with the most important service, or the one that is realistic at this time.

Offer the first service.  Design your marketing strategy, the system for providing that first service and actually start providing something that will make money.  Put yourself in a position to make an income.  It is shocking how much of  a motivating factor money is.  You get your first $100 from your business and you will be amazed at how hard you work.  If you wait until everything is perfectly aligned and you have a loan for millions of dollars, you will most likely never start.  Analysis Paralysis or waiting until step 500 is finished is a sure way to never start a business.

Starting a business takes discipline. The planning stage can take a month, a year or only a day.  The number one key to success before anything else is the ability to actually do it.  Take an action.  Many people sit around and talk all day, but few people actually do anything.


Here is an outline of what is needed for starting your business.

Each of these will provided in their own articles to make each section easy to read and understand.

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