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One would think creating an app would be a no-brainer, but is it? What thoughts and considerations should be given before making this decision? How can the soon to be created app be properly utilized to fulfill business goals and objectives? People like Nick D’Aloisio selling their app to Yahoo for $30 million provide more than enough inspiration to seriously think about entering the app marketplace. But what should be considered before taking this step?

Careful planning is required to take full advantage of what an app offers. We are about to dive into some serious questions that if answered, will potentially increase brand awareness, revenue, and even your company’s potential customer base. Take a deep breath to fight off the excitement as we get ready to think about the plan to have companies like Google, Yahoo, or Facebook  call with low-ball offers starting in the seven to nine digits. 

Before looking for a developer or starting a tutorial, take the time to define what this magical interface to our favourite mobile device will do?   Will it:

  • Streamline some process in your company?
  • Provide a better customer experience?
  • Increase Revenue?
  • Expand the current customer base?
  • Positively brand the company?
  • Elevate or sustain the company status to current customers, partner companies, or investors?

Or, is this just another expense and task for someone to maintain? What is the ROI (Return on Investment)? How will this new company asset be justified when the tax collector is looking over their glasses as the expenses being deducted at the end of year?

Just like social media, properly utilizing an app requires a strategy. Another unimpressive app opened once and forgotten can damage a companies image if it makes an impression at all. Before spending time that could be better used marketing, optimizing internal processes, or customer service, answer the questions listed in the bullet points above. Then consider the following:

  • Is there a budget to create the app?
  • What is a realistic ROI?
  • How will you market on the different app marketplaces?
  • Who will maintain the app and the mobile marketing strategy?

And that is before you can even ask these valuable questions:

  • What is the strategy for immediately grabbing the customers attention?
  • How will you ensure it is not another open once and forget app?
  • Will the customers of your business benefit or is it merely a status symbol?

Status is not an insignificant thing to be overlooked. There are times you will create or provide a service or feature to maintain proper standing with customers, or other interested parties. But if status is the primary goal, the creation and marketing strategy will be different than if it was providing a benefit to customers.

Moving into the mobile market has potential to increase business if done correctly. Incorrectly, valuable time and resources will be wasted. Attention and focus are key components in the rise and fall of companies, and once given to a task, can never be recovered. So if you are ready to create a business building electronic fix for the masses’ mobile addiction, plan hard, execute harder, and prosper like the Nick D’Aloisio‘s of world!

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