Should I do a Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing Business

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Why are you thinking about doing a Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing Business? Is there another business you can do successfully? If there is another business, why are you not doing it?  What attracted you to this opportunity?  These are questions that should be answered as a part of the review process.

Here are reasons why you should:

  • Want to start a business and have no idea where to start
  • There is a skill you can learn
  • The Networking Marketing business is in an industry you want to learn about
  • Learn their marketing or company structure
  • Passion for whatever business, product, or industry they are involved in

There are more reasons why you should, but these are some of the main reasons that can justify the decision to commit your time and resources.  But if working these types of business are not what you can see yourself doing for the rest of your life, make sure you approach it with the right objectives.  There are a lot of good and bad benefits when joining a Network Marketing business.  If your approach it right, there are a lot of valuable lessons you can learn.

Here are some of the objectives that can help ensure your time is not wasted:

  • Reading list
  • Learn selling techniques (Good and Bad)
  • Overcome anxiety or nervousness when approaching customers and businesses
  • Analyze management techniques for motivation (and non-motivation)

But now, lets get to the real meat and potatoes.  How are you going to earn the money they are promising.  Can you calculate a return on investment.  The sign up fees, licensing costs, initial product purchases, and advertising materials business expenses.  How long will the return take to receive.  If the person selling you the dream is downplaying the emotional abuse of denial, up selling the ease of acquiring money, or flat lying, can you afford the time or money to start this venture.  Will the potential learning experience pay for itself if there is no pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

After answering the previous questions, if it still appears to be a good opportunity, you should sign up(notice I did not say try).  As a business person, we need a Return On Investment.  The return does not always have to be in financial currency, often knowledge (which is potential power) may be the return we are looking for.  And remember to enjoy the ride!  It Does not matter if it is a wild roller coaster or a car fleeing from the cops in a car where you accidentally fell asleep, always enjoy the ride!

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