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Take a couple minutes and think of every negative thing you can say about the people down the street selling the same products.  Call them everything you heart desires.  Make obscene gestures and rant the way George Carlin use to.  Once it’s out of your system, come out of the bathroom and prepare for a great day.

When we hear something negative come out of someone’s mouth, or read about it on Facebook, we automatically associate negativity with them.  It doesn’t matter if they’re  justified.  The person in front of us is providing negative energy and it is instantly being associated with them.  It’s okay for you to read this and say I don’t do that, but think about it for a minute.  What’s the first thought that comes to mind when naughty words leave someone’s mouth.  If you have never heard them express those feelings, then it becomes obvious how they really feel.  What do your customers hear when you talk about the competition.


Don’t jump in the mud.  If a business badmouths you, just explain to people that they just don’t know your company.  By praising your competition, and recognizing what they do well, you will let people know the quality of business you run.  Badmouthing others just associates negative vibes and feelings with your company.  Plus,  the more people talk bad about you, the more they are talking about you.


By Saying something positive about another company, that company will be in your customers mind.  But your company will be even stronger in their mind because you didn’t feel threatened.  Acknowledge what they do well, then sell why customers should buy from you.

“Yes, they have great deals on this item, but we offer a free two year manufacturer warranty.  If a free replacement, or fast service on repairs is not your primary concern, you should buy from them.”

Cheaper is not always better!  Let other businesses play in the mud.  We would rather be sitting on a beach, drinking pina coladas, and talking to attractive people.  The reason why most people can’t join us is, they have to keep finding new customers who they can talk about your company to.

Everything your customer sees or hears while in your store, or visiting your website, is marketing.  As emotional beings, we are heavily influenced by how we feel.  Give your customers a warm fuzzy feeling about you and your company.  Even if they buy from your competitors, they will also buy from you, and you will keep their business longer.

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