Network Marketing lessons even if it’s not what you want to do for the rest of your life

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Being a member of a Network Marketing System can be one of the most emotional experiences of your life.  Surrounded weekly by groups of people trying to make it rich will be a rollercoaster ride as you flow through waves of motivation.  People we know and love start acting differently as we follow our struggling Up-line’s advice to try and sign up everyone in our contact list.  The Question is, how can there still be a  benefit even if this is temporary.

Information and knowledge is the key.  Usually the company or members will have compiled a great reading list. Associates, Agents, Independent Business Owners, or whatever cool sign up title they have, will know about great reference sites and resources.  Other associate will happily share their secret, or a version of it (maybe hiding their real secret), on how to be successful.  Even if they have never successfully signed anyone, there is still something to learn.


Extra effort should be given to let whoever is telling their secrets feel like a Rock Star.  Obtaining your adoration, most people will happily teach everything they know.   Even if they have less experience, or are not as knowledgeable, truly listen. If what they are saying  sounds ridiculous, it is good to remember, there are really people like this in the world.  People think differently.  To effectively market, we must understand our customer base.  This person or someone like them may one day be a customer.  It is also a great exercise in humility.


Observe the relationships in the organization. This will make it possible to faster identify decision makers.  By understanding who you need to talk to will gain faster results, and waste less time.  While others walk around in nice suites, and seek recognition, remember, you are a business person and time is valuable.  Making friends and enjoying good company is important, as long as the prime objective is skill development and increasing earning abilities.

During the hours and hours of Speakers reselling the dream, save the lost time by observing:

  • How their voice changes volume
  • Does their speech increase or decrease in tempo
  • How fast are body movements
  • What hand motions or gestures are being used
  • Do facial expressions match or contradict the content or emotion of the moment

Watching people in the crowd can be a valuable source of entertainment and information.  People’s reactions can provide drinking stories and an accurate assesment of the speaker’s techniques.  When it is our turn to speak, We do not want people thinking about tomorrows dinner, or who responded on e-harmony.

If the future holds Amway Diamond status or an exit strategy, we can still learn valuable lessons.  We can use our family or personal time for whatever we like, but in business we need a Return On Investment.  The ROI may be financial currency or knowlege, but green paper with dead presidents should usually be included.

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