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“Never hate your enemies, it affects your judgement”.  Words of wisdom Michael Corleone gave his hot blooded nephew in the Godfather 3 apply as much to us as to Vincent.  Emotion and human nature influence us to develop competition.  A more beneficial approach is to look at other companies as mentors.  Learn from them.

  • View their wikis
  • Read their website’s frequently asked questions
  • Call customer service and ask questions like a customer
  • Devour their marketing materials

Finding what is wrong is easy, so leave the easy tasks for last.  First figure out how they reached the level of success they have.  If methods are unique, just use a different route to get to the same result.

One of the easiest ways of achieving success is to copy success.  Improving a strategy is a lot easier than developing it from scratch.  Recreate the wheel when the current one no longer fulfills your needs.  Learn everything about the people that are in the position you want to be.

What to research:

  • How did they start
  • What was the initial market strategy
  • What complications arouse, and how were they overcome
  • What are they doing to differentiate themselves from their competitors

Developing anger, hate, or malicious intent will cloud your judgement.  Look with fresh eyes at the people and companies who are where you want to be.  Elevate yourself faster because they paid for the lessons.  Only when you understand what needs to be done, develop something different.  You will find, most of the time, the strategy you develop will just be an advanced version of what others are already using.

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