How to productively procrastinate

Are you reading this article, pushing off another item on the to-do list, or is this a part of your daily improvement ritual. Do you ever find yourself not doing needs to be done?  Valuable hours spent looking for ways to feel good, less pain, or less responsibility as the list of required items grows.  Regret comes from a lack of productivity.  Without accomplishment, the day feels wasted and guilt grows.  But procrastination should not equal a total waste!

Small distractions that increase our abilities can help self justify what others see as procrastination. While deadlines count down and the lack of motivation grows, try something useful:

  • A tutorial about website promotion/marketing
  • Researching email marketing and how receive the results you want while not violating spamming laws
  • How to Shape User experience as people view a website or walk through a store
  • What competitors are excelling at, and what you can learn from them

Valuable skills increase efficiency and productivity. Throughout the day as our talk shows, soap operas, reality tv, or favorite movie distract us from our growing list of never ending chores, we enable our habit of distraction.  One thing I try to do personally everyday is learn something useful.  My daily distractions consist of:

  • Youtube talks by people in my industry
  • Reviewing ads of sexy women and seeing how competitors are trying to convert me to a customer
  • Watching and sharing funny commercials, analyzing if it only provides laugh value or actual branding
  • Reading interesting articles like the ones you find on 😉

Productivity stimulates success.  The main Character trait that makes self made billionaires is the willingness to do what others are not.  When a break from a tedious task is needed, productive distractions are productive!  A daily ritual of self improvement is a daily increase in ability of the money tree to grow nice green leaves.

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