Avoid budgeting pitfalls for a new business

Receiving Money Business Web Needs

It is always enjoyable talking to people about their new business.  The excitement people have when they have truly committed to starting a business is contagious.  Like clockwork, from my personal experience, 90% of people immediately start talking about all the things they need to buy.  New computers, even though … Continue reading

Working with difficult people can be hard but it doesn’t have to be

Ever work on a project with a difficult person. Someone who pushes their way around trying to make everyone else on the team look bad. If their tasks are not finished, it’s everyone else’s fault. “This tool wasn’t finished”, or ” They didn’t give me what I needed”, and my … Continue reading

Find your real costs, an Ebay example

Accounting Business Web Needs

Looking in the company bank account can be a humbling experience.  How can the balance be so low when sales were in the hundreds of thousands this month? Understanding your costs are a vital part of your business.  The costs that you don’t see are the ones that create confusion … Continue reading

Nope, they don’t suck! They’re good, but you should buy from us!!

Strategic Alliances Business Web Needs

Take a couple minutes and think of every negative thing you can say about the people down the street selling the same products.  Call them everything you heart desires.  Make obscene gestures and rant the way George Carlin use to.  Once it’s out of your system, come out of the … Continue reading

Learn from the competition

Competitor Alliances Business Web Needs

“Never hate your enemies, it affects your judgement”.  Words of wisdom Michael Corleone gave his hot blooded nephew in the Godfather 3 apply as much to us as to Vincent.  Emotion and human nature influence us to develop competition.  A more beneficial approach is to look at other companies as mentors. … Continue reading

Protect yourself against bad people and products

Owning a business should not be a  horror story used to give future grandchildren nightmares.  Put the cell phone down, unless you’re using it to read this, and take notes as people tell their victim story.  Why they, with the clouds parting and the angels gazing at them with awe, were … Continue reading

Delivering your product

Shipping Business Web Needs

Isn’t it frustrating that customers actually want the products or services they ordered right after they click the purchase button.  Don’t they understand how much time it takes to find the product in the garage or warehouse?  Isn’t it obvious the product doesn’t package itself.  The pickup for UPS or … Continue reading

Customer Retention

Customer Retention Business Web Needs

Why does Best Buy, Barnes and Nobles, Staples, and Regal movie theaters offer a rewards program.  Isn’t it weird that Vons requires you to register an email address to get discounts and not require you to purchase the discount card?  How do the Casinos make money when they give you … Continue reading


Marketing Business Web Needs

Marketing is one of the most misunderstood subjects in business.  Running an advertisement is not your marketing, it is one part.  Marketing involves more than most people understand.  To break it down simply, marketing is identifying who you want to reach and getting a reaction.  The intention behind it should … Continue reading