If you don’t know what business to start

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Here is a great video if you have no idea where to start. John Chow have proven that it is possible to be successful even if you have no special connections, or money. Something as simple as blogging and developing your own market can be the first step. This video … Continue reading

Network Marketing lessons even if it’s not what you want to do for the rest of your life

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Being a member of a Network Marketing System can be one of the most emotional experiences of your life.  Surrounded weekly by groups of people trying to make it rich will be a rollercoaster ride as you flow through waves of motivation.  People we know and love start acting differently … Continue reading

Avoid budgeting pitfalls for a new business

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It is always enjoyable talking to people about their new business.  The excitement people have when they have truly committed to starting a business is contagious.  Like clockwork, from my personal experience, 90% of people immediately start talking about all the things they need to buy.  New computers, even though … Continue reading

Working with difficult people can be hard but it doesn’t have to be

Ever work on a project with a difficult person. Someone who pushes their way around trying to make everyone else on the team look bad. If their tasks are not finished, it’s everyone else’s fault. “This tool wasn’t finished”, or ” They didn’t give me what I needed”, and my … Continue reading