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Are you able to fight off laughter when having a conversation with someone and they say they don’t like business?  If you’re in the mood to see a funny face, just make the statement, business is a part of your everyday life.  Every item someone has, the phone they are playing with, and everything they use in the bathroom are related to business.  Why did the developers create that game?  Were they bored, or was there also a little voice in the back of their mind telling them they can make a little spending money?  Not everything in this world was created with the intention of turning a profit, but where did they get that game?  Did they download it from a website that needed hosting, or from an app market that was created with the intention of selling or displaying advertising?

Many of the people claim to not have an interested in business, in my experience, have an opinion that it is something only for the elite or brave of heart.  They believe it is not possible for them, and often discourage others from doing it.  My favorite comment personally spoken to me was that to be successful you have to sell your soul.  In my humble opinion, you do not have to sell your soul.  I would assume it would be a one time sale and even if you’re offered residuals, it is a bad sale.

This section is all about business.  More important it is about concepts and how to think about business.  Even where we use concrete examples, if you always take the concept of what is expressed, you will be able to duplicate or apply the same thinking in different ways.  What we would really like to see is for people to take what is here and expand it.  “Become more than what we are today” is the morning mantra.  Always strive for improvement and most of all enjoy the reading.

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