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About Us Business Web Needs

Business Web Needs came from humble beginnings.  Started from desperation. We recognized a need for information in an easy to read format with a personal touch.  Instead of focusing only on intense technical articles aimed at nerds like the creators of the site, most articles are written for everyone.  Don’t worry, we have articles being developed everyday to help the aspiring nerd.  Come to the DarkSide,  and enjoy what those naughty pleasures only real nerds can.

War Cry!

Business people from around the world, come join the revolution against the slave masters we call bosses.  Join the club, become a business professional or technology enthusiast.  Take away all preconceived notions of business being hard, and realize anything can be achieved with a focused mind and a pizza.  For people who already own a business, please enjoy the additional information.  If you’re brave enough, contact us about an interview or writing an article yourself.  We know that the creators of Business Web Needs can only produce a finite amount of material in a given time frame.  Feel free to submit and article, guest post, shout out for tech, tutorial, or anything relevant to the content on the site.  We will review every submission, but we are a free community of learning, sharing, and experiences.

Leave Intimidation at the door and have fun!

The goal of this site is to provide information, opinions, and options we feel are greatly needed in a way that people can understand.  PHD’s are not required to enjoy this site (Even if they are cool to have).  We have only one requirement, enjoy this site as we put a lot of hard work, valuable time, and missed many of our favorite episodes of the Big Bang Theory to deliver what we believe will help everyone.  Please Have Fun, Learn, Share, and Experience while your here!  Live is short,there are no warning labels on the party like a rockstar evenings. And life is really short if you have ex spouses/Significant Others like we do 😉

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